What our clients have to say


Sold a Condo home in 2015 for approximately $375K in Laguna Niguel, CA.

Nancy Bau is a miracle worker, and just about my luckiest chance meeting, ever. I met Nancy in a social setting. She mentioned she was a realtor. I mentioned I kinda needed to sell my condo. She offered to run some practical numbers, if I ever wanted to, just to see if this might be the right time.

It was, but it seemed like an insurmountable task. I'd been in my condo over a decade. It was VERY well lived-in, and it was time to do some work. I didn't know where to begin, what to do myself, what I really needed TO do, how to stage, who to call, who to call first...

Well, Nancy does know. She works with dedicated people who do things right, at a good price. She can be as hands-on as you want, and I strongly suggest, even if you're a very in-control-ey, I'm-the-boss kinda person, or even just an extreme worrywart: just let Nancy do what she does. I never had to wonder how things were going. I had updates all the time. The only snags were when I <-cough! my husband-> DID try to help by working with the construction team. Really, sit down, amateur. She's got it, okay?

Two months after I signed Nancy on as my Realtor-Agent, my condo sold. It didn't just sell. She'd had buyers out-bidding each other. I thought I'd be lucky to break even with my loan and ELOC. In fact, both got paid, Nancy got paid, and I made a profit. And I had almost nothing to do with it, other than to hire Nancy and let her do her job. Actually: let Nancy work her magic